Student care center

Student care center

Student care center

We at the Deanship of Admissions and Student Affairs extend our hand to male and female students through the establishment of the University Guidance Center in view of providing a supportive and stimulating university environment for adhering to values and for the scientific and psychological growth of university students, in an effort to prepare generations capable of contributing to the nation’s renaissance.

Center Tasks

Supervising and planning the student counseling units at the university.

Prepare the students to recognize the requirements of their academic career and adapt them to overcome the difficulties they may face.

Help students in psychological, social, academic, professional, and awareness-raising counseling.

Preparing preventive and awareness-raising programs to help students understand self and identify identity, and to enhance values, and exploit opportunities to acquire skills and develop capabilities

Implement programs to create self-development opportunities for student counseling through programs, training courses, interactive activities, lectures, and workshops.

Work to prepare students to fulfill their social roles in the family, the profession and in the community service.

Enhancing students ’educational achievement and overcoming the difficulties that the student may face

Providing student advice and support, and this is to ensure the balanced personality of the university student.

Center Units

The social counseling unit

Mental Health Support Unit

The academic advising unit

The career counseling and career support unit

The scholarship and aid unit

Talent and Creativity Unit

Disabilities and Special Needs Support Unit

University Counseling

The unit aims to raise the level of social extension services to achieve social and psychological harmony to create an appropriate academic environment for male and female students. And achieving an appropriate level of social status for the university student to ensure personal compatibility and scientific progress in a comfortable educational environment.

Unit Tasks

Follow-up of students who have failed to study due to social conditions.

Enable students to adapt and overcome social problems by providing social counseling services.

Enabling the student to build social relationships with colleagues and faculty members.

Enhancing the university student’s role in community service.

Promote the principles of religion and patriotism.

Unit Members

Dr.Ibrahim bin Eid Al-Qassimi (Chairman of the committee)

Hamad bin Khalid al-Qahtani (member)

Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-khalaf (member)

Saleh bin Abdul Rahman al-asmari (member)

Khalid bin Abdah Hakamy (member)

Abdullah bin Muawad al-Mutairi (member )

Asma bint Al-Bawardi Al-Manoufi (member )

Aisha bint Muhammad al-Amin ( member )

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It is the unit that provides its services through specialists to help the student understand himself and bring out the positive side in order to achieve psychological balance and facilitate the educational process during the university stage. This is to support the student, restore psychological balance, and help identify his abilities and solve his problems.

Unit Tasks

Help the student to recognize their abilities and benefit from it to solve their problems and make the right decisions.

Amendment Some wrong behaviors into correct ones.

Applying psychological tests and clinical interviews for diagnosis and psychotherapy through psychological sessions and converting some cases that need psychiatric treatment.

Supporting the student to restore psychological balance due to the occurrence of social and cultural changes, scientific and technological advances and means of communication It has changed many values and trends.

Counseling and psychological support to control the fear, anxiety and frustration that dominates the student due to the transition from one stage to another, and then the transition from study to work.

Helping the student to understand himself to be able to choose the appropriate career for them and their scientific and practical abilities so that the student succeeds in his work and achieves satisfaction and proper compatibility.

Contributing to solving problems resulting from family change, such as housing, marriage and family planning problems, in addition to solving work problems.

Unit Members

Dr. Hoda Al-Muhanna ( Unit president)

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Academic Advising Unit

The unit aims at the smooth functioning of the academic advising process at the university level and coordination with the committees for academic advising in the Joint First Year Deanship and colleges (for the undergraduate and postgraduate stages).

Unit Tasks

Supervise the smooth functioning of the academic advising process at the university level and coordinate with the committees for academic advising in the Preparatory year and colleges in (bachelor and graduate students)

Preparation and design the content for the entire academic advising at the university, including: guides for academic advising (student guide - academic advisor guide) training bags for academic advisors awareness campaigns for the university community with academic counseling and others.

Preparing forms for the academic advising process and following up its completion on the system.

Follow up on the achieving the Academic advising on digital platforms (Banner- the blackboard - student services portal) and standardization of mechanism in this respect.

Follow-up of the achievement of quality and academic accreditation requirements for counseling.

Submitting annual reports on academic counseling to the university administration.

Training faculty members on academic advising skills periodically (quarterly).

Linking students ’outputs at the university.

Issuing Annual quarterly reports on: ( the performance of academic advisors, the level of student’s satisfaction with academic advising, work to develop performance and achievement in this to achieve the objectives of academic accreditation).

Unit Members

Dr. Haya Zaidan (unit president)

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College of health sciences

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College of computing and informatics

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Career Counseling and Career Support Unit

The unit aims to serve university graduates and students by developing them, raising their efficiency, and helping them uncover their professional tendencies and linking them to the labor market.

Unit Tasks

Helping students to discover their tendencies and abilities and to acquire the skills to search for a job that suits their qualifications and to make appropriate decisions for their future.

Preparing students to join the labor market by providing them with the required skills such as writing a proper resume - preparing for job interviews.

Communicating with the authorities concerned with employment and making partnerships to find training and career opportunities for students.

Conducting induction and awareness programs related to the labor market.

Preparing and organizing exhibitions and forces related to the labor market.

Creating programs and courses for students to help them start their own work and present their past experiences.

Directing students to how to develop their skills and ability during the university period to suit the labor market and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

Study and follow up the labor market and its demands and know the current and future needs to determine the professional and personal skills required to keep pace with the university’s outputs with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and the labor market.

Providing scientific departments with information about the labor market and its requirements and coordinating with them to harmonize programs with the labor market and develop them.

Ensuring the student’s ability to apply the sciences acquired during his study period through academic subjects, projects, and field training.

continuous communication with graduates who have been hired, follow-up evaluation of their job performance and benefit from their experiences.

Unit Members

Dr. Khaled Shaaban (unit president)

Hind Al-Nashwan (member)

Amani Almaqrin (member)

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Scholarships Unit

The unit aims to provide educational opportunities for students, and it is a unit that monitors the provision of scholarships and soft study loans and provides the necessary support to beneficiary students during their studies in the undergraduate program.

Unit Tasks

Search for charitable donors to provide scholarships for undergraduate students.

Searching for funding bodies to provide easy loans to students.

Searching for partial donors for students, which includes paying the remaining fees for students.

Searching for bodies that grant aid to students, such as electronic devices and books.

Concluding agreements and companies with the scholarship awarding bodies.

Attracting scientifically distinguished students to encourage them to complete their studies to achieve Diversity and the enrichment of scientific research.

Unit Members

D.Mohammed Aldakheel (unit president)

Areej Alkhamis (member)

Hassah Alskran (member)

Munira Albaadi (member)

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Talent and Creativity Unit

The unit aims to spread the culture of creativity and create opportunities for the talented among the students of the university, and to help them to creativity and innovation by introducing initiatives that serve students and provide them with the necessary care to advance their talents, so that it is a unit to sharpen the talents and innovations of students at the university. And discovering and supporting talented, creative and distinguished people in all scientific fields, by creating a suitable working environment for the development of their talents.


Caring for the talented, creative, and distinguished through various scientific programs.

Presenting awareness programs to spread the culture of interest in talent, creativity, and excellence.

Discovering, attracting, and supporting talented and creative people.

The university establishes the principle of cooperation and partnership with the relevant internal and external authorities.

Empowering the talented and motivating them to work in their community by providing training programs and following up their implementation, evaluation, and development.

Unit Members

Dr.. Haifa Al-Harthy (unit president)

Dr.. Soha Al Hilali (member )

Amani Almuqrin (member )

AmaL Almuqrin (member )

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Disabilities and Special Needs Support Unit

In view of the care and attention paid by our wise leadership to people with special needs and the disabled, and the keenness of the Saudi Electronic University to provide the best possible service for this dear group, through the establishment of a specialized unit to serve them with high efficiency and continuous development 

Unit Tasks

Identifying the problems of students with disabilities at the university to find ways and means to overcome them, presenting suggestions and alternatives, and providing devices and tools that would create the appropriate educational environment.

Follow-up procedures and requirements for admission to them and ensure that all opportunities they deserve are available according to the regulations and instructions.

Coordination and cooperation between the unit, colleges, university administrations, and international centers and universities to serve students with special needs.

Providing development programs directed to people with disabilities in the internal and external community of the university.

Organizing conferences, symposia, workshops, and events related to the affairs of people with disabilities inside the university and participating in similar ones that are held outside the university.

Monitoring the academic status of the person with disabilities and verifying the effectiveness of the educational process.

Evaluating the level of services, support and appropriate means provided by the university to persons with disabilities.

Receive complaints of persons with disabilities, present them to the various deanships and departments of the university, and follow up on the measures taken to address them.

Opening and keeping an electronic record for each person with a disability registered in the unit, including his information and his biography from the time he joined the university until he graduated there.

Activation and participation of people with special needs in cultural and sports activities inside and outside the university.

Issuing periodic reports for the center’s work in the field of serving people with special needs.

Unit Members

Dr. Ahmed Abdulwahab (Supervisor)

Faisal Al Aseqa (Student Coordinator)

Ziad Al-Hadithi (Student Coordinator)

Buthaina Al-Muaiqel (Student Coordinator)

Abrar Al Siqal ( Student Coordinator)

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