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College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

About the Program

The Master's Program in Medical Education is one of the programs developed by Health Sciences College to play an active role in promoting public health, enhancing the capacities of students, developing curricula, teaching, learning, evaluation, leadership, developing research proposals and supervising research projects to qualify students to play a leading role in the health sector and society‪. Medical education skills are an important and needed for all workers.  The program also supports the programs of health, medical and applied colleges in various specializations spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The program also aims to support teaching methods and skills by simulating and leading and participating in accreditation and improving the quality of programs.

Program Duration

 Successful completion of a  36 credit hours (4 semesters).

Coding ​ Course Name Credit Hours Prerequisite​
MEM 500 Introduction to Medical Education 3 -
MEM 501 Teaching and Learning-1 3 -
MEM 502 Assessment-1 3 -
Total 9
Level 2
MEM 503 Teaching and Learning-2 3 -
MEM 504 Assessment-2 3 -
MEM 505 Curriculum Development 3 MEM503
Total 9
Level 3
MEM 506 Technology & Innovation in Education 3 -
MEM 507 Leadership in Health Profession Education 3 -
MEM 508 Simulation 3 MEM505
Total 9
Level 4
MEM 509 Accreditation & Quality Improvement 3 -
MEM 510 Inter-Professional Education in the Health Professions 3 -
MEM 511 Medical Education Research Project 3 -
Total 9

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