Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility
Social responsibility

Social responsibility at the Saudi Electronic University is a duty and a sustainable moral commitment on the part of the university towards its internal and external community. It performs it through a package of community and voluntary programs and activities consistent with the dimensions of sustainable development. SEU is not only achieving its academic and research role in isolation from society, but rather integrates its two functions into a societal product that targets all of society. Its categories and formations are carried out with high professional responsibility in order to achieve quality of life for everyone in its comprehensive sense.

Objectives of social responsibility

Strengthen the positive mental image of the university among beneficiaries inside and outside the university.

Disseminating the concept of commitment to social responsibility and its applications within the university to motivate its community to adopt positive behaviors towards the external community.

Alignment between the university’s community programs, the university’s strategic goals, and sustainable development goals.

Encouraging community and volunteer initiatives for university employees.

Adopting qualitative innovative policies and means in organizing events and social responsibility activities.

Investing in the scientific value of the university to contribute to achieving the goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

Areas of social responsibility


  • The responsible course

The scientific component of the course and the community activities accompanying the course.

  • Responsible research

It includes research and studies that diagnose and address societal problems that are troubling society.

  • Responsible project

These are sustainable development projects and programs that aim to serve the community.