Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals

To be a distinguished Female Section in optimal utilization of modern technology to serve the University and society.


Providing an outstanding environment for blended learning, contributing to boosting productivity, and qualifying national women leaders capable of developing the community.


Achieving the vision and mission of the university by adopting the blended learning model and using modern technologies that are proper for all society members.

Improving the education outcomes to fulfil the labor market needs.

Reinforcing the role of the Saudi Electronic University to transfer Knowledge and acquired skills in order to serve the society.

Reinforcing the female students' skills in innovation and creativity, and disseminating the concept of volunteering by supporting extracurricular activities.

Developing abilities and improving performance by providing different training courses and programs to both academic and administrative staff.

Disseminating the spirit of cooperation between the academic and administrative departments of the university, and reinforcing relations between them.