Saudi Electroic University

An Invitation to Attend a Session in: Build a Correct Resume and Interview Tips


The Deanship of Admission and Student Affairs invites you to attend a session in: Build a Correct Resume and Interview Tips.

Provided by Dr. Rania Wasier, Assistant Professor at the College of Computing and Informatics.

The session will be held on Saturday 05\07\1441 AH corresponding to 29\02\2020 AD, from 12:30 PM - 03:30 PM.



- What to say and not to say on social media.

- Learn about the correct way to write a Resume.

- Identify common mistakes in writing a Resume.

- Review some professional models.

- Interviews of all kinds and preparing for interviews.

- The most common questions in interviews and the correct answer.

- Questions open to attendees.



-This session will be offered to all male and female students of the Saudi Electronic University.

-The session will be directly virtual via (Blackboard), to attend the session (Click here).


We wish you success and prosperity

The Deanship of Admissions and Student Affairs