The Vice Rectorate for Planning, Development and Quality at the Saudi Electronic University is concerned with the general supervision of the university’s strategic plan, and everything related to the associated authorities in terms of its plans, development of its business, its tasks and monitoring of its achievements. The Vice Rectorate also undertakes the professional development of the administrative staffs according to the latest training processes and development programs, and the development of the administrative and academic work by adopting the quality policy, spreading it and its definition and working on implementing it effectively in all the administrative and academic units of the university to achieve excellence in the educational process by improving the academic programs and outcomes, and achieving the academic accreditation requirements, in addition to monitoring statistical data about the university and its employees and preparing annual reports in order to contribute to achieving the Kingdom's 2030 vision in the field of university education, knowledge investment, and human staff development.


1. Supervising all efforts related to the university's strategic plan, in terms of preparing and building the plan, following up on its implementation and continuous improvement.

2. Continuous improvement of performance measurement indicators for various administrative and academic departments.

3. Direct contribution to creating a distinct and effective work environment.

4. Continuous development of educational outcomes and university administrative staff by providing appropriate training and rehabilitation programs.

5. Developing the skills of university employees and improving their performance by identifying training needs and following up their implementation in coordination with the relevant authorities.

6. Establishing the principles of quality in the teaching and learning processes to reach a distinguished graduate who meets the requirements of the labor market.

7. Making sure that the colleges and scientific programs are able to achieve the standards of national and international accreditation and support them in achieving that.

8. Building an integrated system for measuring and monitoring accurate data and statistics of the university’s achievements in order to reach outstanding performance.