The Saudi Electronic University is a government university that uses the latest high education patterns called blended learning which combines traditional education with e-learning and distance education, SEU is the first university in Saudi Arabia that offers its educational programs and awards its academic degrees in a modern manner by using advanced techniques to provide an exceptional education that serves the largest member of society and through multiple branches.

Therefore, the Vice Presidency of Branches Affairs is one of the university pillars, where it works with other Presidencies of the university in achieving the goals and directions of the university in accordance with its vision and mission, and to achieve academic performance to a high level to create the appropriate university environment and thus contribute effectively to building a long standing knowledge society through all branches to ensure that it occupies a special position in the ranks of international universities.


Continuous communication with the branches through various ways, to check out their situations and needs.

Make sure to achieve the needs of the academic and administrative branches and to help in facing challenges and solving problems.

Coordination between the branches and the tools development that will increase the level of harmony, and to be identical in performance.

Making studies and consultations to reach the need of all regions to open new branches, and to coordinate the opening.

Studying the situation of struggling branches to discuss the possibility of developing them.

Provide the ways and investment of all possibilities to facilitate communication and interaction between the branches of the university and its communities.

Evaluating the branches' performance continuously and developing the evaluation tools to achieve high accuracy.