​ The Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research aims at promoting the status of the university, through improving graduate programs and its outcomes, and advancing scientific research output for faculty members and students. The Vice Presidency for GSSR seeks to attract talented Saudi faculty members. It also manages the scholarship and training programs for the university staff, and provides learning, teaching, and knowledge resources. The Vice Presidency ​for GSSR commenced its duty upon the consent of the Minister of Higher Education No. (61778) dated on 05/22/1414 AH, the University Acting Rector Resolution No. (20193) dated on 22/05/1435 AH, in accordance with the text of the article (29) of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (60) Dated on 06/02/1414 AH.


Supervise departments and deanships of the Vice Presidency, and follow up their work according to the University vision.

Supervise the Scientific Council work.

Examine the need to open more postgraduate programs to serve community needs.

Supervise scientific research and direct it to achieve the community goals.

Supervise the provision of scientific resources for students and faculty members.

Support faculty members morally and materially in promoting their research activity.

Attract distinguished Saudi faculty members.

Open knowledge exchange channels at the local and international levels.

Supervise interior and exterior scholarship programs in the University.

Supervise scientific publications in the University

Supervise authorship and translation work in the University

Look for research funds to faculty members and students.

Supervise scientific research periodicals published by the Vice Presidency.