Saudi Electroic University

Registration Starts for STEP Exam for First Year Students


The Deanship of the Common First Year wishes to announce the examination dates for STEP are between 5th of April 2020 and 23rd of April 2020. All SEU students enrolled in the English language program are advised to please log in to Qiyas website and register for the STEP examination.  Registration fees for SEU students have been prepaid by the university.

To register for STEP examination follow the following steps:

click here and follow the steps below:

1. Fill all the required information like registration number and your civilian number.

2. Then click on the registration icon.

3. Click on the registration for new Computer based examination.

4. Then select (STEP) English proficiency examination computer section.

5. Accept all the rules and regulation of the examination.

6. Then click on icon for examination schedule.

7. You can select the city and location of the exam for your city of choice.

8. Then select the location and dates and then confirm your selection.

9. Ensure the dates are between 5th of April 2020 and 23rd of April 2020.

10. Then your information and date selection will appear.


Make sure to bring any of the following identification to the exam:

  • Saudi National ID.
  • Passport.


We wish you all the best,,