Second Semester

Second Semester

Second Semester

Admission Procedures

Timetable for Undergraduate Admission (Bachelor Degree) in The second semester of 2021-2022 updated

Subject ​ Day Hijri Data Date
Opening date for online application The second semester in academic year 2021-2022 ​Sunday 23/04/1443 28/11/2021
Closing date for online submission of application will be Monday 02/05/1443 06/12/2021
Announcement of the result of acceptance and payment of fees Sunday 08/05/1443 12/12/2021
Deadline for tuition payment Wednesday 11/05/1443 15/12/2021
Deadline for tuition refund for admitted applicants for the second semester in 2021-2022 who wish to withdraw Sunday 29\05\1443 02\01\2022
The beginning of the study for the second semester Sunday 13/06/1443 16/01/2022
Admission Requirements

Applicants should have obtained secondary school certificate or equivalent.

No limited period for obtaining the secondary school certificate is required.

Admission is granted to applicants who satisfy all admission requirements and is based on the applicant's grades in secondary school.

The General Aptitude Test (Qiyas) and the English Language Proficiency Test (Step) are not a prerequisite for this year, but to increase your chance of being accepted when choosing among applicants.

Required Documents

Original copy of the secondary school certificate or equivalent and the examination transcript.

For certificates obtained from outside Saudi Arabia, applicants must submit the original copy of the School Certificate Equivalency from the Ministry of Education.

Copy of the identification card for male and female applicants or copy of family card for female applicants only, or copy of valid Iqama (residency card) for non- Saudis.

For non- Saudis (of Saudi mother only) a copy of the mother Identification Card is required.

For non- Saudis(wives of Saudi) a copy of the husband Identification Card is required.


Please note that blocking promotional messages may result in not receiving the text messages from the university.

Admission results can be viewed through the Admission Gate.​

Those who are admitted to Law and Digital Media programs cannot change their major to any other major.

Academic Programs

* Those accepted into the Law and Media programs cannot post digitization.

Undergraduate programs offered for admission in 2020-2021

College of Science and Theoretical Studies
Hail Najran  Al-Ahsa Jazan Qassim Abha Madinah   Dammam Jeddah Riyadh Branch
Male only Male only Male only Male only Male only Male only Male only Male & Female Male & Female Male & Female  Law
              Male & Female Male & Female Male & Female Digital media

​​​​The Study System​

Studying at the University is carried out according to "Blended Learning" System that joins between traditional and electronic attendance. The Traditional attendance is obligatory in the branch selected while proceeding with registration for the University; it is possible to change it electronically according to the academic calendar. With regard to E-attendance, it is optional according to the course-teacher's instructions, and it will be assigned for doing homework or for participating in virtual lectures, and the like.

Teaching Systems

Teaching Systems will be provided by the University according to your study program. There exists the English Language Institute provided by Education First, allocated for students of the Preparatory Year. There is also Blackboard Learning System of Colorado State, belonging to Post Graduate students, in addition to the University Blackboard Learning System in which all students participate, regardless of their academic programs and scientific fields of specialization.​​