Orientation Week for New Bachelor Students for the First Semester of the Academic Year 2023\2024

Saudi Electronic University is pleased to welcome the new students at the orientation week.

Starting from Sunday, August 20, 2023 , until Thursday, August 24, 2023.

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  1st Training Program (12:00 - 2:00 PM)
Title Designing and Administering Electronic Exams and Quizzes using BlackBoard
The Training Course in Brief Learn how to create online exams via Blackboard by using different types of questions and how to adjust the settings to serve the purpose of the exams.


- Create exams.

- Create and edit multiple questions.

- Adjust settings and options.

- Publish exams.


Ms. Abeer A. bin Farhan

.Supervisor of the Blackboard Department at the Saudi Electronic University

Target Group Faculty members
Language English



  2nd Training Program (12:00 - 2:00 PM)
Title Mobile Learning.. Strategies and applications
The Training Course in Brief In this training course, mobile education strategies will be identified and the best ways to effectively implement it. It will include working on some activities and viewing a number of useful applications in mobile education, how to use it and the challenges that may be faced in the educational process. The experience of mobile education at the Saudi Electronic University will also be reviewed.
Themes - Why mobile education?
- Strategies and tips for implementing mobile education.
- Review of a number of useful applications.
- Challenges that may be faced in the educational process.
- Mobile learning experience at the Saudi Electronic University.
- Final implementation.


Ms. Sarah Almuhanna

Blackboard Certified trainer and a supervisor of the blackboard team at the Blackboard Saudi Electronic University.

Target Group Faculty members
Language Arabic



  3rd Training Program (2:00 - 4:00 PM)
Title Boosting Student Engagement Online
The Training Course in Brief It is a training course that motivates students to raise their level of participation in e-learning, as well as to motivate them to develop their level of academic writing.


.How to prepare yourself for the e-learning experience- 

.How to set goals and the necessity of planning and prioritizing work- 

.Strategies for increasing participation in e-learning- 

.How to get high marks on your assignments-

.How to find scientific materials that help with these assignments


Dr. Maysoon M. Saeed Khojah,

Vice Dean of Admission and Student Affairs, Saudi Electronic University.

Target Group Students
Language Arabic





  4th Training Program (2:00 - 4:00 PM)
Title Assessment of E-Learning Activities
The Training Course in Brief This training course will discuss different methods and tools for assessing e-learning activities. In the beginning, the differences between assessing traditional activities and e-learning activities will be explained. The characteristics that must be present in e-learning assessments will be stated in detail in order it to be effective. The challenges of assessing e-learning activities and the appropriate steps to follow when developing an e-learning assessmnet activity will also be discussed. The training course will conclude with a review of the most prominent tools that can be used in formative assessments and achievement assessments of e-learning activities. The training course will include many interactive activities, practical applications and discussions with the trainees.
Themes - How e-learning assessments differ than traditional assessments
- Characteristics of effective e-learning assessments
- Challenges of assessing e-learning activities
- Steps for developing e-learning assessments
- Formative vs summative e-learning assessments
- Tools for formative assessments
- Tools for summative assessment


Dr. Ali Alammari

Assistant Professor at the College of Computing and Informatics - Saudi Electronic University and a supervisor of the university branch in Jeddah.

Target Group Faculty members​
Language English




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