Orientation Week for New Bachelor Students for the First Semester of the Academic Year 2023\2024

Saudi Electronic University is pleased to welcome the new students at the orientation week.

Starting from Sunday, August 20, 2023 , until Thursday, August 24, 2023.

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Time Events
7:30 pm Introducing and welcoming attendees
7:35 pm The president's speech and the announcement of the university competition in developing Arabic digital dictionaries
7:45 pm Showing n introductory film about the university experience in serving the Arabic language electronically
7:50 - 9:25 pm The seminar "Electronic linguistic dictionaries: Towards a new horizon"
9:30 pm Conclusion
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The seminar

Electronic linguistic dictionaries: Towards a new horizon


Presenting the topic of the seminar and the speakers (7:50 - 7:55 pm)

Prof. Dr. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Aqili

Seminar director


First Speaker (7:55 - 8:20 pm)

Dr. Mustafa Jarrar

Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Language Computing at Birzeit University - Palestine

Second Speaker (8:20 - 8:45 pm)

Dr. Al-Moataz Bellah

Associate professor in linguistics and semantics at Cairo University

Third Speaker (8:45 - 9:10 pm)

Ms. Reem Al-Fraih

Researcher in computational linguistics at Princess Noura bint Abdulrahman University

Interventions and discussion (9:10 - 9:25 pm)
Conclusion (9:25 - 9:30 pm)



Competition Idea:

Developing specialized Arabic digital dictionaries.


About the competition:

Reading lexicons and dictionaries gives the reader a great and significant lexical repertoire, improves his writing level, and increases the eloquence and aesthetics of the style.

Linguistic dictionaries vary between general dictionaries (dictionaries of meanings and synonyms) and specialized ones (dictionaries of Qur’an terms, scientific and technical terms). There are also monolingual electronic dictionaries, bilingual electronic dictionaries, and multilingual ones.

At the present time, we need a variety of developed computerized dictionaries, which can be downloaded and used on the Internet.

The idea of the competition is presented by providing an opportunity for individuals or groups to present an innovative application or website to serve the lexicons and dictionaries of Arabic language, whether culturally, educationally, or entertainingly (e.g. language games), in order to allow those individuals and groups to present their creativity and offer their visions.


Competition objectives:

  1. To raise awareness of the importance of digitizing the Arabic language.
  2. To encourage young people to serve their language technically.
  3. To discover talents and support creativity in the field of information technology.
  4. To enrich the technical content with applications to serve the Arabic language.
  5. To celebrate Arabic language on its international day.
  6. To support the interest in Arabic language in the technical field.


Competition terms and conditions:

  • The application theme should be related to the specified celebration theme for this year.
  • Both individuals and groups (not more than 3 people) can apply for this competition.
  • A group can participate in one project, but the submission must be made in the name of the group leader, and he would be contacted as their representative.
  • The projects submitted in the competition must have an acceptable artistic and technical level, in accordance with the standards considered in this field.
  • The software should be launched for public use.
  • To put the logos of World Arabic Language Day and Saudi Electronic University in the software.



  • The start date of the competition is December 22, 2020
  • The end date of the competition is February 22, 2021
  • The results will be announced on March 22, 2021


Intellectual property for the participating applications:

The participant in the competition reserves the intellectual property rights of the application submitted by them. The competition organizers shall not bear any responsibility related to the inclusion of unauthorized content or violation of property rights, and the participant is fully responsible for any of that. The competition organizers also have the right to use the software (whether or not they won the competition) in various means and in the way they see fit.


Jury & Awards:

A committee of specialists in the field will be formed to evaluate and sort the applications and exclude those that did not adhere to the participation regulations without explaining the reasons. The committee reserves the right to withhold prizes if the submitted participations did not reach the required technical level, and the committee’s decision is final.


The total prizes are 15,000 SR, distributed among the five first winners and a certificate of appreciation will be also provided:

  • First winner: a prize of (5000) SAR.
  • Second winner: a prize of (4000) SAR.
  • Third winner: a prize of (3000) SAR.
  • Fourth winner: a prize of (2000) SAR.
  • Fifth winner: a prize of (1000) SAR.


Submitting posts :

Posts should be submitted by filling the form (HERE)


For Questions and Clarifications: