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Translation Center

Translation Center

Translation Center


The TC was established in 2016 as an administrative and technical body that undertakes professional language services of the University’s vice presidencies and administrations. The center is concerned with reviewing, editing and proofreading publications and research before approving them. In 2022, the center services became available online for external entities to be an effective part in the Saudi Translation market through providing high-quality translation services.  


To be a distinguished and leading center in the localization and production of knowledge through supporting translation activities and publications according to international standards.


Provide integrated and high-quality language services for our clients to help them flourish and develop their businesses.

Why Us?

The Translation Center of the Saudi Electronic University is distinguished by its scientific and academic knowledge that supports it to provide scientific-based and professional services. Its projects are carried out by an excellent team of linguists with diverse experience as well as specialists in all types of translation.

Our Clients

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

National Information Center.


Certified Translation

Translating official documents that require ratifications by the government such as certificates, trademarks, and certified law documents like agreements.


Scientific Translation

Translating all types of books, master’s and PhD thesis, scientific research, etc.


Professional Translation

Providing specialized translation in various areas such as medical, legal, economic and other areas.


Document Translation

Translating all documents that are required daily by individuals and corps such as presentations, resumes, invoices, etc.  

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