Jeddah Branch

Jeddah Branch

Jeddah Branch

A course on effective speech skills at the university targeted all branches


The Student Activities Unit at Jeddah Branch organized, on Monday  2/22/2021 AD, a training course entitled: Effective presentation skills, targeting all students of the Saudi Electronic University in all branches.

The University President, Prof. Dr. Lailak bint Ahmed Al-Safadi, affirmed that the university is keen to develop the capabilities of male and female students and discover talented people, which contributes to enabling them to find appropriate opportunities after graduation and to develop their scientific and functional skills.

The course was presented by Dr. Lama Samir Hassan Khushaim, a faculty member at the E-Commerce Department, Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the university.

The course aims to provide students with effective delivery skills, by providing them with knowledge and experience in this field, and by presenting a set of techniques and methods that refurbish their skills.

The training course dealt with a number of themes, as following: The meaning of presentation, audience understanding, types of presentations, correct presentation strategies, what should be avoided during presentation, and how to make PowerPoint in terms of choosing font, colors, slide animation, references, and body language during narrating.