Jeddah Branch

Jeddah Branch

Jeddah Branch

Ataa Club organizes a lecture on digital volunteering targeting students of the electronic university


The Ataa Volunteer Club at the branch of the Saudi Electronic University in Jeddah, in cooperation with the Deanship of Admission and Student Affairs, organized on Thursday 2/25/2021 AD, a lecture entitled: (Digital volunteering is an investment of mankind), targeting all university students, and the lecture was presented by Ms. Abeer Hamed Al-Juhani, a psychologist at the University Counseling Center, University of Jeddah.

The lecture aimed at creating a balanced personality compatible with the nature of humanity, spreading the culture of digital volunteer work, supporting and encouraging it, providing the trainees with the basic concepts and skills of the volunteer team, building the capabilities of volunteers and developing their communication and leadership skills.

The lecture dealt with a number of themes, as following: Defining volunteer work and the concept of digital volunteering, the benefits of volunteering, the areas of digital volunteering, and your goal as a volunteer leader.

The lecture concluded with an intervention from the Ataa Volunteer Club supervisor, to introduce the Ataa Volunteer Club at SEU, in order to motivate students to join the club, benefit from their knowledge, practical and skillful skills and contribute to community service.

The Saudi Electronic University aims to spread the concept and culture of volunteer work among its members, and indicate its importance in developing society and achieving rapprochement and interdependence among its groups, in a way that contributes to achieving the goals of Vision 2030.