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Jeddah Branch

Jeddah Branch

Jeddah Branch Activates the World’s Glaucoma Week


In collaboration with Jeddah Eye Hospital, student activities unit of Jeddah branch activated the world’s Glaucoma week under the slogan (Keep your Sight). The event was held in Mall of Arabia at Jeddah. Further, the event stands for the purpose of enlightening the society with one of the problems that patients may be ignorant of like Glaucoma disease.

The event revolved around:

1- awareness booths to give visitors more information about the Glaucoma disease and the people who may be most vulnerable to Glaucoma.

2- vision screening and intraocular pressure checking for visitors.

3- delivering awareness message for the society.

4- SEU Jeddah branch contributed by offering VR glasses so that the visitor see how a Glaucoma patient see, for the reason of delivering the medical information by simple experience to arrive at the fundamental goal of the event, which is early checking.

At the end, an award plaque was presented for SEU Jeddah branch for their continuous contributions at society serving participations.