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Jeddah Branch

Jeddah Branch

Report of the training course entitled Comfort at work, between stress and productivity


Student Activities Unit at the University Branch in Jeddah organized a training course entitled 

 (Comfort at work, between Stress and Productivity), on Tuesday, 03/30/2021, targeting all students of the Saudi Electronic University, which was presented by Lecturer. Amani Shilyan Al-Ghanmi, a member of the teaching staff of the Health Informatics Department, College of Health Sciences. 


The training course dealt with a number of themes, as following: 

  • Indication of the extent of correlation needs of the family at the level of performance and tension of the employee . 
  • Remote work and the challenges and opportunities that employees faced for the first time. 
  • Identify practical strategies that improve job performance. 
  •  Gain everyday skills that mitigate the negative effects of stress and constant work stress. 

The course aimed to avoid constant fatigue, better understand work-life balance, set boundaries between your work and your personal life, become more productive, and prioritize tasks and focus .