Madinah Branch

Madinah Branch

Madinah Branch

Medina Student Branch Celebrates International Women's Day


The female students at the University's branch in Medina, in cooperation with the Center for Women's Empowerment at Thebes University, held a celebration of International Women's Day on 3/7/1440 H. 10/3/2019, in the grand conference hall, in the presence of a number of leading women and businesswomen and leaders of a number of schools and educational supervision offices, with 76 invitations. 

The program addressed a number of important topics, starting with the role of Saudi women in society, and activating their role in the vision of the Kingdom 2030, and their participation in the labor market, and the role of women's institutions as a good association and others in the service of women, as well as the history of Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman Al Saud - May God rest her soul - As the first saudi order to make its mark by encouraging the founder King AbdulAziz TayebAllah Tharah to fight battles and wars to establish the Saudi state and raise the word of God in the land of the Kingdom, followed by a speech to former Shura Council member Dr. Elham Mahjoub Hassanein, and then poverty of women of the world for the association (Nabras for Women) Dr. Fatima Al-Kahaili.

The owner of the ceremony in honor of the mother of the martyr: Abdul Rahman bin Naji al-Juhani, who was martyred in the bombings of the Prophet's Mosque during the month of Ramadan, and presented her with a commemorative shield and thanked on behalf of the Saudi Electronic University provided by the assistant supervisor of the student section Dr. Reem bint Mu'ayed al-Harbi. 

The ceremony concluded with a panel discussion session of six businesswomen who made their mark in the business in a number of fields from fashion design, business consultant, children's center scientists, decoration engineering, and beauty salon, with Saudi personalities who started from scratch and reached the peaks.

In conclusion, all the invited parties were thanked, and gifts were distributed to all the invitees and the organizing staff of the ceremony, after which the leading dignitaries were invited to lunch in the VIP lounge.