Qassim Branch

Qassim Branch

The University Branch in Al-Qassim holds an awareness event on "Diabetes and Blood Pressure"


 The University’s branch in Qassim, in cooperation with the Students Club of the College of Pharmacy in Qassim University, held an awareness-raising event on diabetes and blood pressure in the main lobby of the branch, in the coincidence with the activities of the 2015 World Diabetes Day.

At the beginning, the General Supervisor of the branch, Prof. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz AlRobaee thanked the students of the College of Pharmacy participating in this event and their great role in raising awareness of the dangers of diabetes and blood pressure. Conveying his thanks to the Director of the University in charge and the happiness of the agents, and praying to ALLAH to benefit them and wishing all health and wellness to all. The General Supervisor, also offered his advice to the attendees by following healthy diets and practicing physical activities to maintain body health and prevent disease.

After that, students of the College of Pharmacy at Qassim University and the participants provided a simple and brief explanation to the branch’s students about diabetes and blood pressure diseases and awareness of the types of medicines, their formulations, methods of preserving and dealing with them. Of the aspects and guidelines provided for the proper handling of patients with diabetes, blood pressure and ways to prevent it. The students of the College of Pharmacy examined a number of students and employees of the branch in measuring their blood pressure and sugar levels. After that, memorial photos were taken with students, employees and the supervisor of the branch and presenting brochures exchanged between the two parties.