College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

College of Administrative and Financial Sciences


1 - To offer academic programs of high distinction capable of producing excellent leaning outcomes effective in developing and innovating high level products and services.

2 - To contribute to achieving quality and distinction and creating a culture of creativity in the art and science of management.

3 - To offer to students quality skills and knowledge products through utilization of up-to-date learning training methods.

4 - To offer and develop administrative abilities and professional leadership in learners, enabling them to play a leading role in the public and private sectors.

5 - To apply quality assurance standards recognized locally and internationally.

6 - To graduate administrators and business leaders who can satisfy the need of local, regional and international job market standards.

7 - To develop in learners the skills of creative thinking though synthesis and analysis and to reinforce the value of team work and the ability of reaching collective decision.