University Security

University Security

University Security

The concept of university security is to maintain the stability of the security of the facility and buildings and its property from cases of tampering, sabotage or theft and to provide security and security for all university staff and visitors students, reviewers and visitors and periodic follow-up and work to prevent accidents.

University security tasks

Check and follow up on everything that enters or exits the university and checks the identity of the Muslim and the recipient.

Receiving lost objects when they are found, advertised and delivered to their owners.

Distribution of security personnel in university buildings.

Participating in organizing events and events at the university in cooperation with all relevant departments.

Numbers of guard shifts at the university.

All security operations at the university and work to prevent accidents and treat them when they occur and avoid damage.

Start field investigation into problems and incidents that occur at the university whether referred to it by university officials or discovered by the Security Department.

Organizing and monitoring the entrances and exits of the university and its other units and checking the identities of persons if necessary.