Data Management Office

Data Management Program

Data Management Program

Data Management Program


Data Governance

Implementing law, polices and regulations to govern data practices and enhance the accuracy and reliability of data.

Data Structure and Quality

Understanding and document data requirements, main data entities, its relationships with main systems, and its quality requirements.

Data Management Platform

A central platform that enables the university to collect, process, manage and analyze data, monitor its quality and enhance its use.


Operating DMO to monitor compliance with the requirements of the National Data Management Office, and operation of data platform and tools.


Establishing and activating data office to develop and enhance practices of data management and develop the office's operational model according to the requirements of the National Data Management Office


Confining data as an asset to enhance its accuracy by defining business data requirements to support issuing of reports, analytics and views.


Providing the necessary tools to automate data management processes, applying business intelligence use cases, issuing reports, and key business indicators for decision support


Providing appropriate workforce to operate DMO, technical workforce to operate the platform and technical tools, as well as workforce for analytics to develop data use cases.