Admission to the undergraduate stage

Admission to the undergraduate stage

Admission to the undergraduate stage

​​​​The Study System​

Studying at the University is carried out according to "Blended Learning" System that joins between traditional and electronic attendance. The Traditional attendance is obligatory in the branch selected while proceeding with registration for the University; it is possible to change it electronically according to the academic calendar. With regard to E-attendance, it is optional according to the course-teacher's instructions, and it will be assigned for doing homework or for participating in virtual lectures, and the like.

Teaching Systems

Teaching Systems will be provided by the University according to your study program. There exists the English Language Institute provided by Education First, allocated for students of the Preparatory Year. There is also Blackboard Learning System of Colorado State, belonging to Post Graduate students, in addition to the University Blackboard Learning System in which all students participate, regardless of their academic programs and scientific fields of specialization.​​

Study fees

Tuition Fees have to be paid through the Admission Gate, at the beginning of each Term. The Fees include services provided by the University, such as Digital Library, Teaching Systems, and others. Fees are fixed according to the following:

​​​​Bachelor Degree​ 265 riyals for each academic hour in the regular semester (not including 15% VAT for non-Saudis). These new fees apply to students admitted in the academic year 1443 and do not include students admitted in previous years.
​Sessions and Workshops ​To be specified according to the related program
The tuition fees for the program are calculated:

The value of one Credit X the total number of Credits.​