Saudi Electroic University

The University Council holds its Second Meeting for the Academic Year 1444 AH


Under the chairmanship of Her Excellency the President of the Saudi Electronic University, Dr. Lilac Al-Safadi, the University Council held its second meeting for the academic year 1444 AH, in the presence of the Secretary of the Council of Universities, Dr. Mohamed Al-Saleh, and all members.


At the beginning of the meeting, H.E. the President of the University thanked the members of the Council for their efforts, which contributed to achieving the objectives of the University's strategic plan 2025. The President also encouraged the members to make further efforts to ensure the distinguished rank of the University as an electronic university in providing a qualitative learning environment that harnesses communication technology and artificial intelligence. Such efforts support education and learning and help in achieving the objectives of Vision 2030.


Moreover, the President expressed her thanks and appreciation to HE the former Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh during his presidency and his support to the education sector in the Kingdom. She also appreciated HE the Minister of Education, Mr. Youssef Al-Benayan's efforts to improve the university academically and administratively.


On its agenda, the Council discussed several topics related to academic and research affairs, decisions of the University's staff scholarships, and the amendments of the Regulations on Scientific Research and the Regulations of sabbaticals. The University's preparations for first-semester final exams were highlighted as well, in addition to the development programs, tools and curricula, to keep pace with accelerated changes in all fields.


Finally, the Council approved the appointment of several faculty members and staff, it also agreed on the graduate lists and the expected bachelor's and master's graduates in the first semester.