Administration of Information Technology - Deanship departments

Deanship departments

Deanship departments


It works in providing applications that supports the electronic services provided to beneficiaries such as students, employees and faculty members.

It includes the following departments:

Department of E-Learning (Blackboard).

Department of Student Information Systems (Banner)

Department of Administrative Applications.

Department of portal and software.


Search in best technical solutions regarding to applications and develop them to keep up with the university needs and provide them in better performance and less cost.

Manage and supervise the systems.

Train the employees on using systems.

Work on develop the systems and upgrade them with the necessary updates.

Provide the relevant departments with the reports when requested.

Technical Support

The department provides technical support services for users including the student and the Saudi Electronic University employee


Work and train on the computer's uses and applications

Receive the technical problems from the employees and students to fix it or to transfer it to the relevant department

Provides and maintain all computers and IT software and hardware.

Download the needed applications for the University employees on the computers.

Work on applying the best services and solutions in the technical support department and the users services.

Inf​​ormation Security and quality

The administration works to ensure the quality and safety systems and electronic services provided at the university.


​Over​see the development and implementation of Saudi Electronic University-wide strategic plan for information security.

Oversee the development, implementation, and enforcement of the University security policy that compliance with international standers such as ISO27001.

Risk management and analysis to provide appropriate action.

Ensure related compliance requirements are addressed, e.g., privacy, security, and administrative regulations associated with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia laws.

Coordinate the development and implementation of the University information security training and awareness program.

Identifying security issues by monitoring and auditing security logs, working with other departments in order to resolve the issue.

Working with different departments in order to develop secure systems that provide a quality service for all users.​


The fundamentals of Infrastructure Administration are to form a strong and safe infrastructure based on the latest technologies to build financial, administrative and educational environment to support the university to keep up with the latest technologies.


Totally managing the university technical systems and ensure its effectiveness and validation.

Find and develop the best technical solutions to meet the university's needs for better performance and less cost.

Supervising the cloud computing applications.

Preparation of plans to develop the work regulations and raise the efficiency and make the necessary updates to accomplish requirements.

Systems Administration and supervision technically

Servers administration and backup procedures and make a partnerships, according to the university's requirements.

Email service management. ​


The administration oversees the university network in all its branches. It also develop the technical specifications.


Networks management with its various technologies (LAN, WAN, VPN, ... Etc.), In addition to supervised online, visual communication systems and computer servers that run different operating systems.

Design and founders internal networks of campus's branches in different cities.​

Provide high-speed lines to serve the university applications and link it to the main control room, which is equipped with the latest versions of operating systems.

Oversee the (Data Center) and provide it with the modern equipment and advanced software's and follow up all the latest updates in the field of information technology to ensure updating it on an ongoing basis.

Linking users' computers to the University network and ensure its connected and operated based on the technical standards.

Supervise emergency troubles of the University network and carry-out immediate and periodic maintenance.


Technical project management department  is concerned with organizing   and managing  the  resources in  technical projects , in the way  that enables to  complete  the  project  with  applying  the scope carefully considering factors of     quality, time and cost.


Apply all the scope of work between the contractor and SEU.​

Human Resources management for each project in order to ensure employee productivity.

Study brochures tenders before the PO.

Drawing Project Plan time and study any risks that may hold up the project.

Provide with each project status and its own description.

Following up of projects in the sites "frequent visit ".

Coordination between different departments which is involved in one project.

Deliver the project to the responsible department with all required documents.​