Tasks of Budget Department

Collecting, classification, and review the needs and requests of all major university's departments of the operational, administrative, and projects spending by specialist in budget management after the first quarter of the budget in force.

Preparing budget requests in accordance with the instructions and forms issued by the Ministry of Finance, and presenting them to the President, and making modifications based on his recommendations.

Arranging the draft budget according to the sections and items, and presenting the final version to the President, including the explanation and justification necessary for approval.

Signing the final version by the relevant departments' officials, stamped with the official stamp of the university, and copied the necessary number of copies, and then packing the financial expenditure data, programs and projects in one folder for each copy.

Submitting two copies of the new budget draft to the Ministry of Finance with a letter addressed to the Agent of the Ministry of Finance for budgetary and regulatory affairs within the time specified in the instructions of the Ministry of Finance, and a copy of the job statements to the Agent of the Ministry of Civil Services.

Participation in the discussion of the project of the university budget with officials and specialists in the General Directorate of Budget of the Ministry of Finance at the dates determined by the Ministry of Finance.

Preparing the information and necessary computer data needed in the discussion.

Follow-up the implementation of budget lines and instructions.

Preparation of transfer requests between the university budget items and sections, or increase the appropriation of some items, programs and projects outside the university budget.

Participate in the preparation of requests to modify the names of some jobs, and reduce some of the levels in coordination with the Department of Personnel.

Preparing the information, data, and statistics related to the budget items, and following-up its implementation of projects and programs requested by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

Preparing the correspondence and budget presentations within and outside the university.

​Tasks of Planning Departmant

Collecting and classifying the requirements of the university's five-year development plan in the financial aspects such as salary items, wages, allowances, and operational and administrative spending for each year. As well as determining the annual requirement of human resources in various cadres in accordance with the established growth criteria and the requirements of branches expansion.

Inventory of (capital projects, running and maintenance programs, the new cleanliness needed by the university during the plan years. Also, to determine the priority of implementation and the estimated assignment, and the provisions of annual spending for each project and program).

Presenting the draft of the financial plan, and the manpower for the Rector to give his opinion and to take the appropriate directions.

Coordination and participation with the specialist of the vice presidency of planning, development, and quality in the final preparation of the plan with its financial, administrative, and strategic aspects, goals and policies, performance indictors and recording information in the plan system of the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

Following-up the projects and programs of the plan after their approval in the budget, to determine the stages and level of implementation, and enter the information in the plan system of the Minister of Economy and Planning