Academic Calendar for the master 1438 -1439 H

 First Semester

20/08/2017 28/11/1438 SundayStart of  Course registration
17/09/2017 26/12/1438 SundayStart of first semester
19/09/2017 28/12/1438 TuesdayEnd of  Course registration
26/09/2017 06/01/1439 TuesdayDeadline for (semester drop, withdrawal) with tuition refund.
26/11/2017 08/03/1439SundayEarly Course registration for second semester.
30/11/2017 12/03/1439ThursdayDeadline of Semester Drop.
28/12/2017 10/04/1439 ThursdayDeadline of postpone second semester.
31/12/2017 13/04/1439 SundayStart of Final Exams
11/01/2018 24/04/1439 By the End of ThursdayStart of Spring Break

 Second Semester

14/01/2018 27/04/1439SundayAdd/Drop week
21/01/201804/05/1439SundayStart of second semester
28/01/201811/05/1439SundayDeadline for (semester drop, withdrawal) with tuition refund.
05/04/201819/07/1439  ThursdayDeadline of Semester Drop.
06/05/2018 20/08/1439SundayStart of Final Exams
15/05/201829/08/1439By the end of TuesdayStart of the summer holidays


Summer Semester


Start of summer semesterSunday10/10/143924/6/2018
Deadline for (semester drop, withdrawal) with tuition refund.Sunday17/10/14391/7/2018
Deadline of Semester Drop.Thursday13/11/143926/7/2018
Start of Final ExamsSunday1/12/143912/8/2018