About Bachelor of English Language and Translation Program


Due the increasing demand for translators in the job market and due to the need for various specializations relevant to English and Translation Studies, the BA in English and Translation has been launched to meet these requirements. The program enhances and thus contributes to the job market demands. The academic plan covers various English and Translation domains.

Justifications for offering the program

Above all, the Department of English aims to:

  1. improve its prospective students' language ability, equipping them with extensive knowledge, skills, and linguistic competence
  2.  expose prospective students to literary and cultural knowledge related to the English language that lays the groundwork for mutual understanding among English speakers worldwide.
  3.  produce graduates equipped with the advanced skills and flexibility necessary to offer enduring contributions to Saudi society and a wide variety of academic professional fields, particularly the fields of translation and interpretation.


  1. To go along with the international academic and scientific development in the fields of science and theoretical studies which the international universities have reached.
  2. Promoting the students' experience, thus enabling them acquire a wider scientific experience in their fields of specialization.
  3. To qualify the graduates and to provide them with learning skills that enable them to secure their competitive capability in the fields of science and theoretical studies.
  4. To support the continuous development by establishing national and international partnerships (cooperation).
  5. Interrelating programs through the integration of the assigned subjects that represent the most up-to-date scientific and technical development in relevant fields of specialization.
  6. Merging the scientific programs together and paving the way between the scientific and theoretical studies and the other fields of science by the use of technology.
  7. Sharing (participation) in providing consultations, training and educating programs in the fields of science and theoretical studies in order to consolidate the Faculty's role in social service.

Program outcomes

  1. To equip students with highly specialized English and Arabic translation and interpretation skills.
  2. To enable prospective students to develop a reflective approach to translation and interpretation as well as an awareness of a range of translation strategies and techniques.
  3. To ensure holders of bachelor's degrees have a high level of competence in translating various types of texts into English or Arabic in various contexts.
  4. To equip students with sufficient linguistics-related knowledge in both Arabic and English, refine their skills in both languages, and assist them in applying this knowledge to the tasks of translation and interpretation.
  5. To prepare students to perform competently in translating and interpreting in multiple arenas.
  6. To train and expose students to relevant technological advances in the fields of translation and interpretation.


Study duration​

  Eight academic semesters.


Employment opportunities for graduates

Graduates of the Bachelor of English Language and Translation Program will have the advanced translation and interpretation training necessary to work in many areas, including,

  1. The media
  2. The military and security industries
  3. Law
  4. Diplomacy
  5. Business and commerce
  6. Health​
  7. Tourism and the airline industry
  8. Publishing