College was eatablished according to the Higher Education Council resolution in its (seventy-fifth) on 1/2/1435 AH​​ـ, after the Council reviewed the memorandum by the Secretariat of the Council, in this regard made the decision No. (23/75/1453) Under the following: approval of the establishment of the Science and Humanities Studies college  in the Saudi Electronic University.​


College seeks to graduate qualified national high efficiency competent in the field of science and theoretical studies, able to contribute effectively to establish the rules of the knowledge society and meet the market need of qualified and trained staff to the quality and professionalism, and through the provision of academic optimal environment for the development of knowledge, and the acquisition of skills in learning, research and innovation, and the development of curriculum in the different departments, to achieve a distinguished future academically and scientifically in the field of science and Humanities studies in general.