Goals And Tasks


The institute seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. Establishing strong ties between the university and different community units, through academic services, and its research and training experiences.
  2. Achieving optimal and efficient use of the Institute's human, scientific and technical resources by working according to quality standards and its requirement.
  3. Conducting studies (theoretical and practical), providing consultancy services, and specialized work for public and private sectors in various field of university's interest.
  4. Marketing the Institute's services to the public and private sectors, to meet the sectors' needs, and to develop the University's financial and moral resources.



  1. Implementing researches, and theoretical and applied studies in various fields of University's interests.
  2. Holding conferences and specialized seminars, as well presenting lectures and scientific and cultural dialogues.
  3. Publishing books, scientific magazines and educational brochures.
  4. Providing scientific and technical consultancy services based on researches and studies.
  5. Preparing, qualifying and training national cadres and developing their scientific and functional skills.