Documents and Archives Center

Documents and Archives Center

Documents and Archives Center

Documents and Archives Center

The Center was established upon the President's approval No. (439) on 3/1/1440 AH, according to the organizational arrangements for the documents and archives centers of government agencies No. (9) on 2/1/1438 AH, issued by the Council of Ministers.


To be a distinguished center and a reference for documents and archives at the university and its branches.



Provide full care and attention to documents and archives and apply all official standards locally and internationally to ensure the facilitation of archiving documents.



Raising documentary awareness among the university staff.

Collecting, indexing, coding, archiving, maintaining and organizing the circulation of documents and archives.

Preparing a unified classification guide for documents and archives, and a comprehensive coding guide compatible with the National Center for Documentation and Archives..

Supervising the conservation operation of the university departments, and protecting documents and archives.

Optimal utilization of available technology to serve the Documents and Archives Center.

Preparing a place to save documents and provide needs and tools for it.

Identifying the Center's human and administrative needs.

Training and preparing the staff to ensure they are familiar with all knowledge and expertise that serve the center.