Scientific Council

Scientific Council

Scientific Council

Scientific Council

 The Scientific Council was established according to Article (33) of the university system issued by Royal Decree No.305 dated 10/7/1435 AH, which supervises the scientific affairs of faculty members, as well as research, studies and publishing affairs, and its tasks include the  following:

1.    Recommend hiring university faculty members.

2.    Consider the scientific promotions for the university faculty members according to the rules approved by the Higher Education Council.

3.    Encourage scientific research, writing, translation and publishing through:

  • Establish rules to encourage conducting scientific research.

  • Propose establish scientific research centers.

  • Coordinate between scientific research centers and make a general plan for them.

  • Organize the link with research centers off campus.

  • Determine the encouragement and appreciation rewards for scientific works.

  • Publish researches, writings, and thesis which should be published.

  • Recommend the issuance of scientific journals.

  • Recommend establishing scientific institutes and museums and coordinating between them.

  • Approve of what is referred to as books and thesis that need to be reviewed.

4.    Evaluate the scientific certificates which submitted by Saudi faculty members.

5.    Consider what is referred to them by the University Council.

No Name ​Job Title Position​
1 Dr. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-awairdhi Head Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
2 Dr. AbdulLatif Ahmad Al-Ghayhab Member King Saud University
3 Dr.Sultan Mfarih Alamri Member Representative of the College of Computing and Informatics
4 Dr. Hamad Hussain Balhareth Member Representative of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
5 Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahman Al-Muhaidif Member Representative of the College of Health Sciences
6 Dr. Salem Rashid Alazizi Member​ Representative of the College of Science and Theoretical Studies
7 Dr. Ebtesam Saleh Alothman Member Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University
8 Dr. Marwah Mohammad Almasri Secretary Dean of Graduate Studies
9 Haifa Saleh Alwadei Secretary Office Manager of Dean of Graduate Studies

Deadlines for Receiving Requests to the Scientific Council



Application type

Application Deadline


Application for promotion to the rank of Associate Professor, and Full Professor

Thursday 22/09/1444 AH

April 13, 2023

Application for book consideration within the minimum scientific publication for promotion

Scientific Publishing

Application to publish/ compose/ translate books


Appointment/transfer to the rank of Assistant Professor or above (applicants from outside the university).

Appointment to the rank of Assistant Professor from the university (University faculty members).

Thursday 15/11/1444 AH,

May 25, 2023

Faculty members resignation.

Scientific Sabbatical/Communication Academic sabbatical applications for the year 1445 AH
Conferences Application to attend conferences and seminars
Excellence Allowance Excellence allowance application.


​These are the Bylaws that regulate affairs of faculty staff and the like at Saudi universities issued by the decision of the Council of Higher Education No. (4/6/1417 H) considered at the sixth session of the Council of Higher Education held in (26/8/1417H) crowned by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prime Minister, and the Chairman of the Council of Higher Education according to the Royal Telegram No. 7/B/12357 on 27/8/1418 H.


The Complete Bylaws


Executive rules for the appointment of faculty members at the university


Excellence reward allowance


Terms and Conditions for Scientific Publication


Regulations for Faculty Members’ Participation in Scientific Conferences and Symposia


Executive Rules of Scientific Communication


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