Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals

     Lead the utilization of technology in education to contribute to national development.


     Provide outstanding education to all segments of society  to achieve social, cultural and economic development.


Supervise all efforts related to the university's strategic plan, in terms of preparing and building the plan, following up on its implementation and continuous improvement.

Improve continuously performance measurement indicators for various administrative and academic departments.

Contribute to creating a distinct and effective work environment.

Develop continuously educational outcomes and university administrative staff by providing appropriate training and rehabilitation programs.

Develop university employees' skills and improve their performance by identifying training needs and following up their implementation in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Establish the principles of quality in the teaching and learning processes to reach a distinguished graduate who meets the requirements of the labor market.

Make sure that the colleges and academic programs are able to achieve the standards of national and international accreditation and support them in achieving that.

Create an integrated system for measuring and monitoring accurate data and statistics of the university’s achievements in order to reach outstanding performance.

Strategic Goals

Provide outstanding education to empower learners to achieve their academic & professional aspirations.

Build a regional leading role in e-learning.

Grow in digital innovation and Techpreneurship.

Enhance engagement with communities across the Kingdom.

Build a sustainable, efficient and effective institute to achieve financial sustainability.