​​ University Rector

​​ University Rector

​​ University Rector

University Council

University Rector

Corporate management and international cooperation

the legal administration

Internal Audit Department

Research and Studies Institute

Financial auditor

University Chancellor's Office

Follow-up Department

Public Relations and Media Department

Digital content management


University Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs

University Vice Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

University Vice Presidency for Planning, Development and Quality

University Agency

University Vice Presidency for Branches Affairs

University Agency for Student Affairs

Partnerships International Cooperation Department

manager's office

Local Partnerships Section

International Cooperation Department

Legal Administration

manager's office

Consulting Section

Investigations and Cases Department

Contracts and Agreements Section

Department of Internal Audit

Director Office

Administrative Operations Review Section

Financial Operations Review Section

Academic Review Department

Institute of Research and Studies

Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs

Dean's office

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Quality unit

The Institute's Deputy

Department of conferences and seminars

Survey and Measurement Department

Department of translation and authorship

Publications and publications section

Studies and Consultations Department

Public Relation Department

Director Office

Quality Unit

Media Center

Public Relation Department

Follow-up Department

Director Office

Studies and Reports Department

Administrative Follow-up Section