Deanship of Admission and Registration - Admission Unit

Admission Unit

Admission Unit

Admission Unit

The admission Unit at the university is considered the link between the university and the community. Through it, the student’s academic life begins and continues with him academically until he graduate from the university to contribute to building the country with the sciences and skills obtained during his university studies.


1. Supervise the implementation of the university's admission policy and coordinate with the colleges when necessary; to determine the numbers and conditions required for each college in accordance with the university policy.

2. Follow up on the electronic admission procedures, extract the final admission lists, and include them in the academic system.

3. Execute transfer operations from inside or outside the university according to the regulations governing this.

4. Check the files of accepted students electronically and saving them according to the regulations governing the process of receiving, checking and storing files in the Deanship after installing them in the academic system.

5. Regulate the admission procedures for non-Saudi male and female students according to the approved admission policy.

6. Issue cards to students admitted to the university.

7. Implement requests of withdrawal from the university for the applicant students on the electronic portal.

8. Prepare periodic reports and statistics on admission affairs