Deanship of Admission and Student Affairs - Registration Unit

Registration Unit

Registration Unit

Registration Unit

 The Registration Unit excels in all registration operations and services maintaining quality, transparency and justice among applicants and students utilizing technology in all its operations through well-selected team and stimulating work systems. It also facilitates the main tasks of the Unit including study schedules, distribution of rooms and sections, and various registration processes.


Help students before the beginning of each semester to register their weekly schedules by themselves.

Review the plans developed by the colleges and update it on the academic system after getting approval.

Take all actions regarding the academic processes for university students according to the university's regulations.

Supervise the pre-registration process and make sure that schedules assign appropriate days and times for students.

Implement equivalency requests for students from outside the university and for visiting students.

Propose the university academic calendar.

Prepare statistical databases about SEU students.

Document results and calculate GPA after examination sessions.

Registration Staff


Occupation Name
(Unit Manager)  Abdulrahman Almanea

Registration Officer Abrar Al-Siqal
Registration Officer Ibtihal Al-Husseini
Registration Officer Amani Al-Muqrin
Registration Officer Amal Al-Muqrin
Registration Officer Buthaina Al-Muaiqel
Registration Officer Saad Al Farea
Registration Officer Ziad Al-Hadithi
Registration Officer Moataz Al-Habardi
Registration Officer Hind Al-Nashwan