Registration Department

Registration Department

Registration Department

 The Registration Department excels in all registration operations and registration services maintaining quality, transparency and justice among applicants and students utilizing technology in all its operations through well-selected team and stimulating work systems it also facilitates the main tasks of the department including study .schedules, distribution of rooms and sections, and various registration processes



The main tasks of the Registration Department include

To help students before the beginning of each semester to register their weekly schedules by themselves.

To study and comment on the academic and technical aspects of academic plans proposed by SEU colleges.

To assist students who apply for transfer from and into the SEU, applying the General Bylaws for Saudi Universities.

To specify and code various academic specializations used in the SEU academic system.

To coordinate academic schedules with the SEU colleges, ensuring that schedules are ready in good time.

​To supervise pre-registration making sure that schedules are assigning appropriate days and times for students.

To prepare final study schedules, to solve conflicts in schedules, and then to send them to colleges for feedback and implementations.

To delete or merge sections in which the number of registered students is less than the minimum required number.

To process equivalence procedures for students admitted from other institutions and for visiting students.

To recommend the university academic calendar.

To prepare statistical databases about SEU students.

To document results and calculate GPA after examination sessions.

Registration Officers


Occupation Name
(Head of Department)  Abdulrahman Almanea

Registration Officer Abrar Al-Siqal
Registration Officer Ibtihal Al-Husseini
Registration Officer Amani Al-Muqrin
Registration Officer Amal Al-Muqrin
Registration Officer Buthaina Al-Muaiqel
Registration Officer Saad Al Farea
Registration Officer Ziad Al-Hadithi
Registration Officer Moataz Al-Habardi
Registration Officer Hind Al-Nashwan