Administration of Medical Services

Family Medicine Clinic

Family Medicine Clinic

Family Medicine Clinic

The family doctor is the doctor who provides primary and comprehensive health care for the whole family with the aim of promoting the health of the family and preventing diseases, which maintains their health and protects the society from many diseases, regardless of gender, age and disease condition.

The function of the family doctor lies in the following:

Helping family members get health care easily

Treatment of many health problems experienced by family members, especially clinical diseases such as respiratory diseases

Treat and follow-up of chronic diseases such as asthma, thyroid and diabetes

Direct patients to specialist doctors in case of need for medical examination that is not available at the centre

Understand the psychological state of patients, the factors affecting them and the treatment of some cases of depression

Coordinate with physiotherapists, nursing staff, psychiatrists, ongoing follow-up, and comprehensive health care

Early detection of any disease that threatens society such as cancer and infectious diseases

Advise family members to follow a healthy regimen, exercise, and learn ways to prevent various diseases

Prevent various diseases by providing family members with the necessary vaccinations, clinical examination, and some important tests, such as cholesterol, cancer and blood testing

Take Care for the elderly

Care for the health and unborn health of the pregnant woman, and teaching birth control