The Department of Medical Services aims to provide therapeutic services to university employees and their families beyond their expectations, in specialized clinics such as family medicine clinics and dental clinics in addition to pharmaceutical services and departments of allergies, radiology and nursing, as well as providing the latest medical equipment and techniques.

Attracting highly qualified human resources in medical fields and support services

Permanent work on medical service facilities to be at the highest level


Mastery and endeavor for development and quality

Serving patients and patients is a key priority

Working with a team spirit and collaborating to achieve goals

Credibility in saying and working

Commitment and order

Creativity in working according to medical controls


Our vision is to create a role model for health centers in educational institutions in accordance with international health standards and in pursuit of a healthy and healthy society.


Our mission is to provide high quality services in the field of healthcare, treatment and preventive with qualified health staff, high professionalism and modern equipment to serve the university staff.