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Students Affairs

Students Affairs

Vice Deanship for Student Affairs

We seek in the Vice Deanship of Student Affairs to advance the student community by developing their skills in educational and applied programs and in various modern means according to the available capabilities in order to create a student environment compatible with the aspirations of the Saudi Electronic University, and we are keen to participate in international and local events and forums in a rich presence and comprehensive content to reflect the image of the university. To the external environment in an optimal way, to promote the university’s status and to benefit from the exchange of experiences between educational institutions that are available in such events.


Encourage and stimulate students' initiatives and support them.

Help students obtain the skills and experience needed for a successful career in the job market.

Encourage the sense of initiative and creative entrepreneurship.

Utilize students' ability and energy in academic achievement and community service.

Develop students’ sense of responsibility and belonging to the university and the country.

Assist students in development and self-fulfillment.

Offer the opportunity to practice extra-mural activities and hobbies.

Develop the importance of volunteer work within and outside the university.

Student Affairs Officers

Name Occupation
D.khaled shaban Head of the Department
Ms.Sara alshuqair Student Affairs Officer
 Suaad alanazi Student Affairs Officer
Sultan alnefaie Student Affairs Officer
Abeer alwashal Student Affairs Officer
Ms.Manal alnasser Student Affairs Officer
Malaak alshayea Student Affairs Officer