Deanship of Student Affairs - Student Fund Department

Student Fund Department

Student Fund Department

About the Department

 Student Fund Department is an independent financial and administrative department which is directly linked to Her Excellency the President of the University through the Student Fund Department Council, which is chaired by the Dean of Admission and Student Affairs at the University.


Contribute to supporting student trips and parties with a social, cultural and educational goal.

Fund student projects with a social, cultural and educational goal.

Establish investment projects.


Financial supervision over the fund’s revenues and expenditures, and the inventory work of the covenant, assets and advances.

Supervise on preparing the estimated budget and financial statements, and then submit them to the Board of Directors on time.

Administrative supervision of the organization of work within the fund administration.

Supervise investment sites inside and outside the university’s headquarters, following up on their financial incomes, and working to diversify the sources of the fund’s income in a permanent and continuous manner.

Contribute to supporting student activities financially.