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Student Care Center

Student Care Center

Student Care Center

We at the Deanship of Admissions and Student Affairs extend our hand to male and female students through the establishment of the University Guidance Center  to provide a supportive and stimulating university environment for adhering to values and for the scientific and psychological growth of university students, in an effort to prepare generations capable of contributing to the nation’s development.


Supervise and plan the student care units at the university.

Prepare students to recognize the requirements of their academic study and adapt them to overcome the difficulties they may face.

Help students psychologically, socially, academically, professionally, and raise their awareness.

Prepare preventive and awareness-raising programs to help students understand self and identify identity, and to enhance values, and exploit opportunities to acquire skills and develop capabilities

Implement programs to create self-development opportunities for student counseling through programs, training courses, interactive activities, lectures, and workshops.

Prepare students to perform their roles in family, job and community.

Enhance students’ educational achievement and overcome the difficulties that the student may face

Provide advice and support to students to ensure a balance within their personality.


Social Counseling Unit

Mental Health Support Unit

Academic Advising Unit

Career Counseling and Career Support Unit

Scholarship and Aid Unit

Talent and Creativity Unit

Disabilities and Special Needs Support Unit

International Student Support Unit

Minority Support Unit

Social Counseling Unit

Social Counseling Unit aims to raise the level of social counseling services to achieve social and psychological harmony, and to create an appropriate academic ecosystem ​for students. In addition, it aims to achieve an appropriate level of social status for the university student to ensure individual compatibility and academic progress within a comfortable educational environment.



Follow-up of students who have failed to study due to social conditions.

Enable students to adapt and overcome social problems by providing social counseling services.

Enable students to build social relationships with colleagues and faculty members.

Enhance students' role in community service.

Promote the principles of religion and patriotism.

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Mental Health Support Unit

Mental Health Support Unit provides its services by specialists who are able to let students understand themselves and bring out their positive side in order to achieve psychological balance and facilitate the educational process during the university stage. This is to support the student, restore psychological balance, and help identify their abilities and solve their problems.




Help students recognize their abilities and make use of it to solve their problems and make up the right decisions.

Correct wrong behaviors.

Apply psychological tests and clinical interviews for diagnosis and psychotherapy through psychological sessions and transferring cases that need psychiatric treatment.

Support students to restore psychological balance due to the occurrence of social and cultural changes, scientific and technological advances and means of communication It has changed many values and trends.

Counseling and psychological support to control the fear, anxiety and frustration that dominates the student due to the transition from one stage to another, and then the transition from study to work.

Help students understand themselves to be able to choose the appropriate career in line with their scientific and practical abilities so that the student succeeds in his work and achieves satisfaction and proper compatibility.

Contribute to solving problems resulting from family changes, such as housing, marriage and family planning problems, in addition to solving work problems.

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Academic Advising Unit

The unit aims to improve the academic advising process at the university level and coordinate with the academic advising committees in the Deanship of the Common First Year and colleges (for undergraduate and postgraduate levels).


Supervise the smooth functioning of the academic advising process at the university level and coordinate with the committees for academic advising in the Preparatory year and colleges in (undergraduate and postgraduate levels)

Prepare and design the complete content of the academic advising at the university, including: guides for academic advising (student guide - academic advisor guide), training course materials for academic advisors, awareness campaigns of the academic advising at the for the university.

Preparing forms of the academic advising process and automate it.

Follow up on activating Academic advising on digital platforms (Banner- the blackboard - student services portal) and standardization of mechanism in this respect.

Follow-up of the achievement of quality and academic accreditation requirements relating to advising.

Submit annual reports on academic advising to the university management.

Train faculty members on academic advising skills periodically

Link students ’outputs at the university.

Issue quarterly reports on: ( the performance of academic advisors, the level of student’s satisfaction with academic advising, work to develop performance and achievement in this to achieve the objectives of academic accreditation).

Events and activities:

Academic Advising Induction Program .

workshop to raise awareness of the importance of advising and the duties

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College of science and theoretical studies

College of health sciences

General mail of the college of  administrative and financial sciences

College of computing and informatics

Deanship of common first year


Banner instructions for students


Blackboard space instructions for students ​​


Introduction to academic advising


Career Counseling and Career Support Unit

The unit aims to serve university graduates and students by developing them, raising their efficiency, and helping them discover their professional tendencies and linking them to the labor market.



Help students to discover their tendencies and abilities and to acquire the skills to search for a job that suits their qualifications and to make appropriate decisions for their future career.

Prepare students to join the labor market by providing them with the required skills such as writing a proper resume, preparing for job interviews.

Communicate with the authorities concerned with employment and make partnerships to provide students with training and career opportunities.

Conduct induction and awareness programs related to the labor market.

Prepare and organize exhibitions and forces related to the labor market.

Create programs and courses for students to help them start their businesses and present their past experiences.

Instruct students how to develop their skills and abilities during the university period to suit the labor market and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

Examine and follow up the labor market and its demands and know the current and future needs to determine the professional and personal skills required to keep pace with the university’s outputs with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and the labor market.

Provide academic departments with information about the labor market and its requirements and coordinate with them to correspond programs with the labor market needs and develop it.

Ensuring the student’s ability to apply the sciences acquired during his study period through academic subjects, projects, and field training.

continuous communication with graduates who have been hired, follow-up evaluation of their job performance and benefit from their experiences.

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Scholarships Unit

The unit aims to provide educational opportunities for students. In addition, it monitors student scholarships and soft study loans and provides the necessary support to beneficiary undergraduate students during their studies  .


Search for charitable donors to provide scholarships for undergraduate students.

Search for funding bodies to provide easy loans to students.

Search for partial donors for students, which includes paying the remaining fees for students.

Search for bodies that grant aid to students, such as gadgets and books.

Conclude agreements and companies with the scholarship awarding bodies.

Attract scientifically distinguished students to encourage them to complete their studies to achieve Diversity and the enrichment of scientific research.

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Talent and Creativity Unit

Talent and Creativity Unit aims to spread the culture of creativity and create opportunities for the talented among the students of the university. In addition, it helps them to create and innovate by introducing initiatives that serve students as well as providing them with the necessary care to advance their talents. Thus, it sharpens students talents and innovations. Moreover, it discovers and supports talented, creative and distinguished people in all scientific fields, by creating a suitable working environment to improve their talents.



Caring talented, creative, and distinguished students through various scientific programs.

Presenting awareness programs to spread the culture of caring of talent, creativity, and excellence.

Discovering, attracting, and supporting talented and creative people.

Establishing the principle of cooperation and partnership with the relevant internal and external authorities.

Empowering the talented and motivating them to work in their community by providing training programs and following up their implementation, evaluation, and development.

Nominating talented and innovative students

We invite our dear students to register their talents and innovations through the following questionnaire

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Electronic Art Gallery

The Student Care Center units hold competitions in various visual arts to stimulate and support artistic talents. In the link below, we proudly present the artworks of our distinguished students

Click here to access the Electronic Art Gallery

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Disabilities Support Unit

As the care and attention paid by our wise leadership to people with special needs and the disabled, and the keenness of the Saudi Electronic University to provide the best possible service for this dear group, this unit was established to serve them efficiently and develop the service constantly.


Identify the problems of students with disabilities and help them to cope with it, as well as presenting suggestions and alternatives, and providing devices and tools that would create an appropriate educational environment.

Follow-up procedures and requirements that are specified for their admission and ensure that all opportunities they deserve are available according to the regulations and instructions.

Coordinate and cooperate with colleges, university management, and international centers and universities to serve students with disabilities.

Provide development programs directed to people with disabilities in the internal and external community of the university.

Organize conferences, symposia, workshops, and events related to people with disabilities on and off campus.

Monitor the academic status of students with disabilities and verify that his study is progressing effectively.

Evaluate services, support and appropriate means provided by the university to students with disabilities.

Receive complaints from students with disabilities, present them to the various deanships and departments of the university, and follow up on the measures taken to address it.

Open an electronic record for each student with a disability and save it, including his personal information and his biography from the time he joined the university until he graduated.

Let people with special needs interact and participate in cultural and sports activities on and off campus.

Issue periodic reports about the center’s achievements regarding services provided to students with disabilities.

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International Student Support Unit

The International Student support center serves as the first point of contact for all international students studying at Saudi Electronic University campuses in Saudi Arabia.


Coordinate international student orientation programs to help international students adjust culturally, academically.

Create opportunities for the international students to engage and integrate with students, faculty and staff, and our community.

Conduct student to student interaction and integration programs.

Support with visa advising and document processing.

Connect international students to many of the existing campus programs and support offices.

Facilitate participation for international students to connect with community.

Advocate for international students across campus, including with campus housing, academic advising, and food services, and referring students to appropriate offices.

Perform other duties as required/assigned by leadership.

Minority Support Unit

We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive academic environment, where students from all backgrounds can thrive. As part of this commitment, we have established the Minority Support Unit, a dedicated facility designed to provide assistance and resources to students belonging to various religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Unit Services

Cultural Awareness.


Financial Assistance.

Academic Support.

Counseling Services.