Saudi Electroic University

Saudi Electronic University Conducts final exams online using artificial intelligence technologies in invigilation


Due to precautionary measures to prevent the Covid-19, and given SEU's distinctive infrastructure, the University decided to conduct final exams of 2020 for all courses online using artificial intelligence technologies to ensure students' well-being and maintain the quality of outputs and enhance competitiveness and fairness among students. 

The University approved using the automatic invigilation system, which has already been implemented on some courses in mid-term exams. This system is used to supervise e-exams and monitor students while performing the automated online exam.

The University adopts the latest technology of the e- systems of examination and invigilation. It works on assessing and developing the e- systems and continually keeps pace with the tremendous progress in digital technology and artificial intelligence to provide an integrated electronic academic environment. All to achieve the leadership's aspirations, contribute to developing e-learning, enhance digital transformation initiatives, and achieve the Kingdom vision 2030.

Saudi Electronic University confirms its keenness to keep all students safe and overcome all difficulties. It also urges everyone to work hard, and be ethically mindful while conducting exams, and follow the University instructions, wishing all safety and the best of luck.