Saudi Electroic University

The 2nd Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Hackathon Starts its Events



The Deanship of Scientific Research at SEU has started the events and workshops of the 2nd virtual interdisciplinary scientific research hackathon. A selection of experts in scientific research from local and international universities has participated in the hackathon, as well as SEU faculty members and students. 


The event aims to attract creative students in scientific research, spread the spirit of competition and research participation among university students. Moreover, it seeks to help participants acquire research skills, values, and principles. Such events motivate and generate creative, innovative, and leading ideas in several targeted paths associated with the development plans and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.


The first workshop was titled “Researcher’s Personal Skills, Ideas Organization and Research Communication.” The workshop was delivered by Prof. Badr Al-Qahtani in which he discussed a number of topics, such as the nature of scientific research, the researcher’s personality, tools and skills, academic writing, creativity and planning concepts, time management, in addition to advice for researchers to excel in their research.


The second workshop was titled “Pioneering Research and its Applications.” The workshop was delivered by the vice-president for branches affairs, Dr. Hamad bin Hussain Balhareth. The workshop defined the concept of pioneering research, its characteristics and requirements, and how to link such concepts to the development plans and the Kingdom’s vision 2030.


The third workshop was titled “Scientific Research Writing Skills, Databases Researching Methods, and Scientific Citation of References.” The workshop was delivered by Dr. Mohammed Al-humsi in which he discussed a number of topics, such as principles of topic selection, scientific research writing skills, scientific research characteristics and elements, literature review, research methodology, suitable methodologies, common significant mistakes, Arabic and international search engines, use of advanced research skills, and scientific citation methods. 


In an effort to promote interdisciplinary scientific research culture, the Saudi Electronic University launched the hackathon to develop research skills and fill the gap between graduate and undergraduate education through an intensive research cluster conducted in a creative, innovative research environment. Participants are expected to acquire research values, principles, innovation, planning, and problem-solving through a number of workshops offered by the Deanship of Scientific Research.