Saudi Electroic University

Saudi Electronic University to offer Updated BlackBoard Learn "Ultra" for Higher Education Institutions


The Saudi Electronic University announced the availability of the updated BlackBoard Learn "Ultra," to assess its suitability for university education requirements in Saudi Arabia before its official launch.


The SEU seeks to develop e-learning in the university environments, ensure that the latest updates of the Blackboard system are available, and support universities in applying best practices to improve students and faculty experience.


This is the latest version, offering a distinctive learning experience that allows for more interaction of learners and faculty. It offers a user-friendly and modern educational content opposed to the current version, such updates contribute to motivating students to engage positively with educational content and allow faculty members to follow the educational process, evaluate students and provide feedback through advanced learning tools.


Yesterday, the University held a workshop in the presence of e-learning representatives from beneficiary universities of the National Standard Licence for Learning Management System to review the features of the updated version and assess its suitability for the requirements of the educational process.