Saudi Electroic University

The University concludes the CyberGate camp and competition events and announces the first three winners.


Cyber Security Center in the Saudi Electronic University celebrated the conclusion of the CyberGate camp and competition events. The Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs, Dr. Maison Khojah, delivered a speech at the ceremony in which she welcomed the attendees and participants. She stressed that the University launched this competition in belief in its role as a government educational institution that contributes to the development of human capacities and skills in the field of cybersecurity. Therefore, the SEU offers qualitative programs and competitions that motivate students, expose their creative energies, raise their level and enable them to learn and exchange experiences with each other.


Dr. Maison Khojah congratulated the competition winners, noting that this camp produced many projects that would reduce cybersecurity challenges and effectively contribute to the cybersecurity industry. Them, the ceremony reviewed the objectives of the camp, workshop topics, and arbitration criteria for the nominated projects.



The top three winning projects were: Wa'ai project (The First Place) developed by Noura Al-Falaj, a student at King Saud University; Ransomware Protection Project (The Second Place) developed by Abdulrahman Al-Obaidi, Rashida Al-Rashidi, Yousef Al-Yami, Ghala Al-Abod, and Dhai Al-Harbi, from the Saudi Electronic University, King Abdulaziz University, and Al-Imam Mohammed bin Saud University. Finally, Zero Attach Platform project developed by Farah Al-Hrstani, a student in the Saudi Electronic University.

The CyberGate Camp included 12 specialized workshops, carried out remotely using blackboard and Presented by several experts in cybersecurity. Approximately 240 students participated in the camp representing several public and private universities. The workshops focused on existing cybersecurity challenges and ways of dealing with them, as the diversity of workshop themes was of significant importance in raising participants' awareness.