Memorandum of Understanding between the Islamic University and Saudi Electronic University


His Highness Prince Prof. Mamdouh bin Saud bin Thunayan Al Saud, President of the Islamic University, and Her Excellency Prof. Lilac A. Alsafadi, President of the Saudi Electronic University, signed a memorandum of understanding between the two universities today at the headquarters of SEU in Riyadh.

The MOU aims to agree on a preliminary framework to discuss chances of cooperation and joint work, coordinate efforts, exchange experiences and advantages in various academic fields, mainly those that the labour market needs, in order to increase its efficiency, expand the scope of its academic services, and achieve the goals of the kingdom's 2030vision.

Areas of cooperation between the two parties include strengthening scientific and educational relations to achieve the common goals. Furthermore, it includes scientific and academic cooperation that serves the common objectives to develop and enhance both parties' scientific and academic levels. It will also activate ways of cooperation between the two parties and contribute to spreading the Arabic language and promoting its role and distinguished position, as it is a global language. Moreover, it will contain taking advantage of the two parties' experiences in supporting the digital transformation aimed at promoting the employment of e-education and training through training and joint work to develop the infrastructure. Besides, cooperation will be in research projects of mutual interest to deepen specialization and raise the competence of both parties. Cooperation will also be in survey, descriptive, analytical and predictive studies, providing various consultations, and designing and developing creative electronic content as one of the key factors in e-learning. In addition, Areas of cooperation include participating in scientific seminars and conferences held by either party and providing training courses regarding the skills that the labor market and national development need, to help develop the youth workforce, as well as to develop e- training courses specialized in e-media, law, accounting, management, health, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, advanced technologies, etc.

The MOU identified the aspects of cooperation between the two parties, as each one would adapt its experiences, knowledge and capabilities to fulfill the MOU's goals, facilitate logistics to implement activities done by the other party, get the approval of the competent bodies to implement the activities agreed upon between the two parties, preserve the right of the other party by including its name and logo in programs, activities and events done upon the partnership between the two parties.

From SEU, Vice-President for Branches Affairs, Dr. Hamad H. Blhareth, Vice-President for Educational Affairs, Dr. Thamer O. Alhussein, and Supervisor of the International Partnerships Department, Dr. Hamed Alsharari, and Prof. Abdulmohsen S. Alaqili, Consultant to Department of Arabic Language for Non-Speakers, and from IU, Vice-President of the University Dr. Hussein S. Alabdali, and Dr. Fahd K. AlDhufiri, Vice-President for Development, attended signing of the agreement.