Law Students Virtually Participate in International Trade Law Competition in Austria.


Students of Law Department at College of Science and Theoretical Studies at SEU virtually participated and represented our nation in the international competition held in the Republic of Austria entitled: (The Annual Willem C.V is International Commercial Arbitration Moot). It aims to enhance the study of international trade law and arbitration to resolve international business disputes in all international universities by applying it in a real case to train future leaders of law.

The team members ended their participation on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. They pleaded before the arbitration Committee in this international trade dispute. They presented defenses once in favor of the prosecutor and once in favor of the defendant regarding the same case before four international universities. The participated students were Muhammad Samir Alqattan, Naif Khaled Aldayel, and Abdulkareem Alhamidi Alshammari.

This participation is considered an achievement, as it highlights the role of the country and its wise leaders in supporting citizens to be international experts sought by international organizations.

This participation comes with the follow-up and encouragement of the Dean of the College of Science and Theoretical Studies SEU, Dr. Badr Bin Bakhit, the Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and General Supervisor of the International Atribiation Competition Team, Dr. Othman Albajadi, and Dr. Abdulrahman Alanbari, Head of the Law Department and Deputy General Supervisor of the International Atribiation Competition Team.

The Dean of the college and its employees expressed their gratitude to His Excellency, the Rector of University Prof. Ibrahim Almuaiqel, and to His Excellency, the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs Dr. Thamer Alhussein, for their great appreciation and attention.