Saudi Electroic University

Master of Science in Cybersecurity at Saudi Electronic University Obtains Alignment with “Cyber-Education” Framework



The Master of Science program in Cybersecurity at SEU obtained the accreditation of alignment with the "cyber-education" framework within the higher education programs that meet the standards and requirements of the framework.

Prof. Muhammed Alawairdhi, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, received the accreditation certificate at the authority’s headquarters in Riyadh. He stressed that the university seeks to certify its educational programs in accordance with the accredited models, frameworks and standards in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it seeks to create qualified national cadres fulfilling the needs and the rapid requirements of the labor market.

The Saudi Framework of Higher Education in Cyber ​​Security “Cyber ​​Education” is a reference guide for developing, evaluating, and accrediting higher education programs in cybersecurity. The framework sets the minimum requirements of higher education programs’ study plans in cybersecurity, which include intermediate diploma, bachelor, higher diploma, and master and Ph.D. degrees, to ensure the academic quality of these programs and to guarantee the learning quality of these programs. Many relevant international and national frameworks and standards have been briefed to determine the methodology of the framework development and raise the quality of the outputs of higher education programs in cybersecurity. Moreover, it is one of the achievements by the National Cyber ​​Security Authority to create national capacities specialized in cyber security. 

Prof. Muhammed Alawairdhi, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, was accompanied by Dr. Marwa Almasri, Dean of the Deanship of Graduate Studies, and Dr. Ahmad Aljabr, Dean of the College of Computing and Informatics.