Statement for University Students Regarding Study Resumption for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 1442 AH


According to the Ministry of Education's statement issued on 29/5/1442 AH regarding determining the system for the second semester and in accordance with the precautionary measures to prevent the new corona virus (COVID-19), and given the University's infrastructure that enables it to effectively apply e-learning in the Educational process, we would like to remind all students of the following:

- Study begins today, Sunday January 17, 2021, according to the academic schedule.

- All classes for all courses will be held virtually through Blackboard on the same dates according to the schedule set until week 10 of the semester, and we remind students to attend the virtual classes and not exceed absence specified rate.

- E-learning tools will be activated on Blackboard for all courses, including submitting course assignments, in order to effectively enrich the educational process. So we urge all students to take advantage of that.

- Internship students are considered health practitioners, and cooperative training students are considered employees in the public and private sectors, and they are subject to the regulations and instructions issued by their training institutions.

- Faculty members' office hours will be scheduled virtually to ensure constant effective communication with students.

- All student services can be done online through the University student’s account without the need to attend on campuses.

- All academic procedures will be available online according to the academic calendar for the academic year 1442 AH announced on the University's website.