Saudi Electroic University

Huawei Delegation Visits College of Computing and Informatics…. To Keep on the Activation of Memorandum of Understanding and Discuss Additional Avenues of Cooperation


His Excellency Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Jabr, Vice Dean of College of Computing and Informatics for Postgraduate and Scientific Research, received a delegation from Huawei chaired by Mr. William Chang, Deputy CEO of Huawei. The attendees were H.E. Dr. Suha Abdullah Al-Hilali, Vice Dean of College Computing and Informatics for Female Student Affairs, Mr. Howard Jiang, Vice President for Talent Development in ICT, and Director of Partners and Training Services in the Middle East Region, Mr. Syed Abdul Qadeer Batel, Director of the Talent and Partners Service in Saudi Arabia, and Mr. Haytham Al-Daes, Director of Communication and Media in Saudi Arabia.


They discussed what has been achieved and activated of the prior memorandum of understanding signed by SEU and Huawei. In addition, the university was introduced including its achievements, academic programs, systems, departments and teaching methodologies based on the principle of blended learning which focuses on applied skills that enable students to create and innovate. Moreover, the development that the university witnesses which positively reflects on its academic reputation and the opportunities of its graduates in the labor market.


The future areas of cooperation between the parties were also reviewed as the parties discussed the inclusion of professional certificates in academic programs, as well as the implementation of several specialized training programs that will be provided to faculty members and students both inside and outside the university as a service provided by SEU to serve community.


At the end, the delegation expressed its interest in strengthening strategic cooperation and joint work between the University and Huawei. In addition, they looked forward to strengthening the aspects of such cooperation in the coming days, especially with College of Computing and Informatics through boosting programs and enabling students to study important aspects of college majors in order to meet the needs of the labor market.


Meanwhile, Dr. Ahmed Al-Jabr welcomed all aspects of cooperation with Huawei International Company to invest the added values of parties in order to serve and achieve the University's vision of leading the employing of technology in education to contribute to national development, to keep up with global changes in information revolution, and to acquire and manage knowledge, as to implement the Vision 2030 trend towards digital transformation.